Search party “Heritage” Crimean customs made his first expedition

C July 3-5, 2020, representatives of search group “the Heritage” Crimean customs in the composition of the search Association “Crimean line” DOSAAF of Russia in the Crimea started for the search operations at the narrowest part of the Kerch Peninsula –AK-Monayski position. In these positions during the winter and spring of 1942 the death were 44, 47 and 51 army of the Crimean front. According to various sources, in this place were killed from 160 thousand to 200 thousand Soviet soldiers and officers of the red Army.

It was the first customs check-out search party, and as told senior colleagues-search engines: “beginners luck.”

Customs Oksana Misurina, Evgeny Astakhov, Maxim Lytkin, Dmitry Usachev Ruslan Muhametdinov, Igor Rogoza son Bogdan, Nicholas Belitsky, V. Churilov, Igor Salnikov was up at 5 am to the midday heat to have time to work on the positions. These days in Crimean steppe, the air was heated up to 40 degrees. In the evening a detachment again returned to the steppe. Operations continued until sunset.

For three days the Association “Crimean line” was “raised” 12 red army. The remains of six characters “lifted” directly to the search engines of the Crimean customs. Two soldiers were discovered mortal medallions, in which, as a rule, laid the note with the data unit. In these troubled times there was a belief that if filled note – a red army soldier condemned to death. For search engines to find the medallion is a rarity, and filled – twice.

Also found were personal items of soldiers and sailors of fragments cover the party ticket, coin purse, pipe, pencils, enamel mugs, a toothbrush, a cross, a compass, shaped buttons. The condition of the subjects is unsatisfactory.

Now found the medallions sent to the laboratory for special examination for reading, and other objects discovered during the exploration works, will be transferred to the Museum funds. Work on perpetuation of memory of heroes will continue in the walls of the archives.

In August-September 2020 search party Crimean customs “Heritage” will take part in the action “Memory Watch” in the hero-city of Novorossiysk.

Help. 18 June 2020 in the Crimean customs created military-Patriotic search group “the Heritage”. Its composed of 32 officials of the Crimean customs. Search party “Heritage” Crimean customs is part of search Association “Crimean line” DOSAAF of the Republic of Crimea.

Irina Khvostenko, press Secretary of the Crimean customs