Two and a half thousand of the statistical forms issued Kemerovo customs in the first half of 2020

Two and a half thousand of the statistical forms issued Kemerovo customs in the first half of 2020

For violating the procedure of submitting statistical forms of the account of movement of goods (statistical forms) since the beginning of the year the Kemerovo customs opened 163 cases of administrative offenses under article 19.7.13 of the Russian code of administrative offences (Cao).

The sum of imposed fines amounted to 420 thousand rubles. To administrative responsibility attracted 57 participants of foreign economic activity (FEA) and 33 officials of the organizations.

According to the Government Decree 19.06.2020, No. 891 July 23 2020 receiving statistical forms will be carried out exclusively in electronic form through a private office of the participant of foreign trade activities on the official website of the FCS of Russia ( with the use of a reinforced qualified signature.

For the past six months, the year 2020 almost 80% of the statistical forms of the total registered filed using electronic digital signature. This is 20% more compared to the same period of 2019 – said the head of the Department of customs statistics of the Kemerovo customs Elena Berestova.

The statistical form is submitted to the customs authority not later than the 10th working day of the calendar month following the calendar month in which the shipment or receipt of goods. The deadline for submission of statistical forms to the customs authority increased by two calendar days.

You should note that failure to submit or late submission to the customs authorities of statistical forms or the submission of statistical forms containing inaccurate information, shall entail liability under the legislation of the Russian Federation about administrative offences.

For any questions, you can contact the Kemerovo customs by phone: 8 (3842) 75 76 11.

Lyudmila Shilova,

press Secretary of the Kemerovo customs