Saratov customs: for labor and defense ready

Saratov customs: for labor and defense ready

The Minister of youth and sports of the Saratov region Alexander Abrosimov was awarded the gold badge TRP, chief state customs inspector of Department of customs control after release of goods of the Saratov customs Dennis Bakal.

The awarding ceremony was held on March 5 in the Government of Saratov region, the Ministry of youth policy of the Saratov region on the development of mass sports in the region.

In the Saratov customs filing rules TRP is organized on a permanent basis. To obtain this badge, you must complete the eight types of tests: four compulsory – running two or three kilometers, pull-UPS or a jerk with weights, bending forward from a standing position, lifting the torso from a prone position, as well as four tests for selection, including, for example, there is long jump, swimming, shooting with air rifles. Currently, 26 of the officers of the Saratov customs has already received Golden and silver badges.

“Sport is a serious and useful assistant, in service activities and in the organization of leisure, – said the Deputy chief of the Saratov customs Boris Voloshin. – So we will continue to offer our colleagues to participate in similar sporting events, and with the involvement of families, friends, relatives, acquaintances”.

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