Pulkovo customs: cultural values remained at home

Pulkovo customs: cultural values remained at home

Pulkovo customs has opened two cases about the administrative offences upon movement international mail seven religious items. Recipient in Europe has not received from the resident of St. Petersburg Orthodox icons and crosses.

In the course of customs control, it was decided to forward the contents of mail for examination.

At the conclusion of the forensic service all of the items in the parcel were cultural values.

Six of them made in the technique of cast copper objects of the plastic arts. This molding has established itself in the Russian Church art in pre-Mongol era and has experienced a rebirth in the early XVIII century. Most of the items on the definition of the expert, date back to the XIX century. Waypoint icon of St. Nicholas dates from the second half of the XVIII century.

The most ancient of sent items, turned out to be a crucifix. He is the subject of the Russian middle ages. Its creation can be attributed to the XII-XV centuries.

Liability for the offences provided in article 16.3 of the administrative code – failure to observe the prohibitions and restrictions on the export of goods from the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union.

Olga Dyatko,
the press-Secretary of Pulkovo customs