Pulkovo customs: buying knives on the Internet, you can get unpleasant consequences

Deeply embedded in our life e-Commerce is constantly expanding the range of provided goods, offering citizens all kinds of options – from gadgets to these product categories in respect of which the law of the Eurasian economic Union is established not only licensing, but a ban.

In June and July at the Postal customs office of Pulkovo customs, more than three dozen mailings from Finland and the Netherlands repeatedly identified knives of various modifications. It should be noted that this category of goods may represent as a harmless souvenir, and serious edged weapon, which because of its design features, characteristics and methods of application can include goods in respect of which the decision of the Eurasian economic Commission No. 30 “On-tariff measures” prohibitions and restrictions when moving through customs border of the Eurasian economic Union.

In addition, it ordered on the Internet, products can refer not only to the cold bladed weapons (hunting, sports), the movement of which is permitted only in the presence of permissive documents, but also to such categories of bladed weapons, which not only prohibited to import and export, and generally may not move individuals as commodities for personal use.

In the course of customs control revealed that roaming in the mail the knives were ordered on the same site in Finland, and then, in the literal sense of the word, scattered in different corners of Russia.

Only a week Pulkovo customs according to the facts brought six cases of administrative offences. From the explanations of the persons who addressed subjects related to customs experts to the category of cold bladed weapons piercing-cutting actions, it became clear that the rules of import and circulation of such goods the citizens are not familiar with. However, these explanations cannot be sufficient grounds for not applying the measures of administrative responsibility.

Olga Dyatko,
the press-Secretary of Pulkovo customs