Tyumen customs officers in the Federal property management Agency transferred to another car from the Republic of Armenia

Tyumen customs MTU of Russian property Fund in Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions transferred to the vehicle is 2007 of century, imported from the Republic of Armenia, worth more than 300 thousand rubles.

At the end of may in collaboration with the traffic police UMVD of Russia across the Kurgan customs officers detained a car “TOYOTA ALPHARD”. The result of the inspection found a lack of car status of goods of the Eurasian economic Union.

“The owner, being a citizen of the Russian Federation, purchased a motor vehicle in the Republic of Armenia in 2019 with the purpose of use and dispose of them in Russia. Thus, customs fees for declaring this vehicle was paid for at the rates of the Republic of Armenia”, – said the head of Kurgan customs office Mikhail Sergeev.

The legislation establishes that the importation and use in the territories of other member States of the Eurasian economic Union of these vehicles, as well as their alienation, transfer to the use, disposal in the territory of the Republic of Armenia is allowed only under condition of their customs declaring and payment of the difference of customs duties and taxes.

The above difference, based on the rates established in Annex 2 of the Decision of the Eurasian economic Commission Council dated 20 December 2017 No. 107, depending on engine size and year of manufacture of the car is about 1 million rubles and may not exceed the cost of the vehicle purchased in the Republic of Armenia. So, in relation to the vehicles, from the date of issue of which passed more than 5 years the rate ranges from 3 to 5.7 euros for 1 cubic sm of working volume of the engine.

The Declaration of “TOYOTA ALPHARD” and the payment of the difference of customs payments at import on territory of the Russian Federation, a citizen was not implemented, in connection with which the vehicle is detained and transferred to the bodies of the Agency.

Maria Tentacula, a press-the Secretary Tyumen customs