Pskov customs was founded 29 years ago

29 years ago by the order of the Main Department of the state customs control (GPTC) under the Council of Ministers of the USSR of may 23, 1991, No. 173 formed by the Pskov customs.

The region of Pskov customs – Pskov oblast. Pskov oblast is the only region in the Russian Federation, having borders with three States – Estonia, Latvia and the Republic of Belarus (total length of 883,8 kilometers).

In the structure of customs and 14 customs offices. In the region of activity of customs 11 border crossing points.

2020 was challenging for all mankind. Virus infection has made adjustments to the work of many services and organizations. Customs authorities continue to operate without interruption around the clock seven days a week. The team of the Pskov customs performs all the tasks assigned to it.

From January to April 2020 the Pskov customs officers have issued more than 225 thousand vehicles, including: passenger – 135 thousand, cargo – 88 thousand or more 2 thousand buses.

Officials of customs posts and more than 151 thousand railway cars. Through the checkpoints of the region of activity of customs from January through April proceeded more than 439 thousand people.

Customs authorities are developing. The reform of customs administration, implying the transition to full automation of customs clearance, and actively apply advanced technologies, including auto-registration and autobypass.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Finance to reform the system of customs authorities in the period from 2018 to 2020 is provided with the conversion of the Pskov customs at the customs office of actual control.

To the 30-year anniversary next year Pskov customs “rebooted” will come updated with a new status – the status of the customs actual control.

Natalia Knyazeva,
press Secretary of the Pskov customs