Pskov customs: wall clock in a wooden case recognized cultural values

Pskov customs: wall clock in a wooden case recognized cultural values

Two undeclared hours transported into the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union, a citizen of the Russian Federation, recognized cultural values.

At the customs post MAPP Ludonka (Russian-the Latvian border) as a result of customs inspection in the car of the citizen of the Russian Federation identified undeclared and not submitted to customs control the goods: two wall clocks in wooden cases.

According to expert opinion the watch are the cultural values as the objects of decorative and applied art created over 50 years ago.

Watches are made in Holland in the first half of the twentieth century. The state of the two hours is satisfactory. Some of them are made in neo-Baroque style. On the reverse side of the watch movement has a serial number.

A citizen initiated case on administrative offense under part 1 of article 16.2 of the administrative offences Code of the Russian Federation (failure to declare or false Declaration of goods). Sanctions articles provide for the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens and legal entities in the amount of one-half to two times the value of the goods which are the subjects of the administrative offence, with their confiscation or without that or confiscation of subjects of an administrative offence; on officials – from ten thousand to twenty thousand roubles.

Natalia Knyazeva,
press Secretary of the Pskov customs