Pskov customs: the customs post MAPP Burachki – 25 years

The customs post MAPP (multilateral automobile checkpoint) Burachki Pskov customs was 25 years old.

Customs post MAPP Burachki on the Russian-Latvian border was established at the Sebezh customs by order of the State customs Committee of the Russian Federation of 2 February 1995 # 67 in connection with the opening of a new border crossing point “Burachki”, which was erected in accordance with the agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Latvia and became operational on 18 January 1995.

25 years ago the staffing of the customs office was 91 unit. Today, more than 200 people to carry out the customs control and customs clearance at the Russian-Latvian border, at the largest customs office of the Pskov customs.

Since 2008, there is a stationary inspection system (NIIS). The number of customs inspection using IIR in 2019 compared to the previous year increased by 40%. Over the past year, completed 45 006 customs inspections of goods and vehicles with the use of IDK. The quality of customs control through the use of high-tech equipment and increasing the level of professionalism of the officers has increased. In 2019 as a result of the inspection of vehicles with the use of IDK detected movement of goods with concealment from customs control. Identified caches 72900 packs of cigarettes in the boxes with the “product cover” 451,3 kg of hashish inside the fuel tank of the truck, 161460 Euro and 3 kg of gold in the car, identifying more than 16 tons of cigarettes under the “product cover” are examples of the professionalism of the officials of the customs post.

Every year thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies increases the actual throughput of a customs post. Nomenclature of goods transported through the customs post different. Consumer goods, complex mechanical products that are excisable goods, foodstuffs, vegetable and livestock products and many more moved through the customs post how to export and import to the Russian Federation. Increasing the flow of goods to Kaliningrad, and from Kaliningrad. In 2019 every third vehicle of international transportation placed under the customs procedure of customs transit to Kaliningrad.

In 2019, officials of the customs post issued on entry to the Russian Federation 87473 motor vehicles, 711 buses, to travel 77182 passenger vehicle and bus 692; entry – 96230 vehicles of international carriage, exit – 54588 commercial vehicles.


– Congratulations to the staff of the customs post with the 25th anniversary. I wish all officials good health and satisfaction from the quality of performance set by the customs authority tasks, – said the head of customs Svetlana Stepanova. To the customs post MAPP Burachki, his team focused attention and leadership, and controlled entities. Let this attention be associated with the successful operation of officials of the customs post and customs in General.

Natalia Knyazeva,
press Secretary of the Pskov customs