Perm customs: business customs business in the first half of 2020

Perm customs: business customs business in the first half of the year 2020

One of the public services provided by customs authorities, is a service which provides advice on customs matters and other issues within the competence of the customs authorities.

Recipients of public services are natural and legal persons. Business is carried out by officials of the legal Department of the Perm customs, both orally and in written forms for free. Rendering the state service in the oral form is carried out in the premises of the Perm customs.

For the first half of 2020 Perm custom 92 provided written and oral advice, of them are rendered to individuals – 90 consultations, legal entities – 2.

In the period of the pandemic and the current regime of isolation of the most relevant issues gained on the extension of the term of temporary import of vehicles by individuals. Officers of the legal Department and provided legal support to individuals caught in a difficult situation: ended the period of temporary importation in connection with closed borders, the citizens were not able to export the vehicle. The situation was complicated by the fact that now is the time limits for temporary import, which cannot be extended. In such ambiguous terms of the legal Department of the Perm customs had taken the necessary decisions within the framework of the current legislation before the entry into force of the Decision of the Board Eurasian economic Commission of 29 April 2020 No. 47, “amending certain terms of the importation of goods for personal use”.

Quality and affordable counselling, which is carried out by the officials of the Perm customs, allows to minimize the number of appeals and complaints, to eliminate conflicts and to settle them out of court. Indicator is also the fact that during the analyzed period, individuals have not appealed to customs authorities, the courts and higher authorities.

Mary Zhukova,
press Secretary of the Perm customs