On the outcome of the St. Petersburg customs in 2019

At the St. Petersburg customs held a meeting on summarizing the work in 2019.

The meeting was attended by the head of the Northwest customs administration Alexander Drive, Deputy head of the Northwest customs office – the chief of service of Federal customs revenues Evgeny Kushnarenko, representatives of the St. Petersburg transport Prosecutor’s office, the leadership and officials of St. Petersburg customs.

Reports on the outcomes of operations for the year 2019 was made by the chief of customs Sergey Oprea, Deputy head of customs Julia Misko, head of St. Petersburg customs post (the electronic Declaration Center), Alexander Sherstnev.

As noted at the meeting, Saint-Petersburg customs has successfully coped with the tasks. Final assessment in terms of activities of St. Petersburg customs for I-IV quarters 2019 – “excellent”.

More than 10 000 of traders carried out trade activities in responsibility area of St. Petersburg customs. Foreign trade turnover in the region of activity of customs made up 16 billion 810 million dollars. Exports amounted to 8 billion 490 million U.S. dollars, import – 8 billion 320 million rubles.

A mass load feature loads in 2019 has increased from 22 million tons to 23 million 600 thousand tons.

Almost 80% of all exported goods in value terms amounted to “wood and articles of wood” and “organic chemical compounds”.

Half of the imports in terms of value formed the “machinery and mechanical devices, electrical machinery and equipment”, “plastics and articles thereof”.

As the chief of St. Petersburg customs Sergey Oprea, the customs office on a scheduled basis implemented a range of measures to improve customs administration and streamlining customs procedures. In particular, Saint-Petersburg customs has managed to increase the share of automatic enrollment and automatic release of goods declarations.

Automatically share the registered declarations of exported goods amounted to 86.5 per cent, on imported goods to 50 %.

The proportion of automatic release of declarations for exported goods reached 60 %, the automatic release of the declarations for imported goods – 58 %.

The share of electronic transit declarations amounted to 99.8 %.

The application of modern customs technologies aimed at reducing the time spent by goods at the checkpoint, the facilitation and acceleration of customs operations and customs procedures, improving the efficiency of customs control.

Speaking about the results of the work, the chief of St. Petersburg customs Sergey Oprea in his report dwelled on one of the priority directions in activity of customs bodies, customs control after release of goods.

Sergey Oprea: “by reducing the total number of events to the customs control after release of goods has increased the amount of money assessed according to their results, due to the increase in the average fiscal performance of customs checks and improve the quality of analytical work.”

In 2019 was held on 23 of the customs inspection, the results 20 of which revealed violations of the law. The amount of additionally charged amounts of customs payments according to the results of customs control after release of goods amounted to more than 2,5 billion rubles.

Suppression of crimes and offenses in the customs field is one of the main tasks of customs bodies. In 2019, Saint-Petersburg custom was initiated 51 criminal case and 4585 Affairs about administrative offences.

Summing up, the chief of St. Petersburg customs Sergey Oprea announced that in September 2020 St. Petersburg customs will be reformed and will become the customs actual control.

This year, among the customs authorities SZTU we’ll have an entirely new regional structure – North Western electronic customs. In its composition will operate North-West customs office (CED) where the focus of the Declaration of goods transported by all modes of transport, different from water. While the North-Western CED will be created as a result of renaming and reparenting e-customs, St. Petersburg customs post (the electronic Declaration Center), which is currently included in the structure of St. Petersburg customs.

According to statistics, which was presented at the meeting, the chief of St. Petersburg customs post (CED) Alexander Sherstnev, currently, there is an increase in the concentration of declaring goods at the St. Petersburg Cage. According to him, in December of 2019 percentage of goods Declaration at the St. Petersburg Cade amounted to more than 70% of the declarative array of St. Petersburg customs, in February 2020, the figure has reached 98 %.

The meeting ended with the awarding of departmental awards of the officers who distinguished themselves in the work at the end of 2019.

The press service of the St. Petersburg customs