A resident of Moscow tried to smuggle 105 liters of homemade wine

A resident of Moscow tried to smuggle 105 liters of house wine

At the multilateral automobile checkpoint New yurkovichi by officials of Bryansk customs at examination of the minibus going from Moldova to Russia, discovered plastic bottles with homemade wine.

The driver of the car said that he was taking the alcohol home – in the suburbs as a gift for relatives.

– That through the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union to move more than 5 liters of alcohol is prohibited, the man knew well: he recently was fined for such a violation – said acting Deputy head of customs Denis Dadykin. – This time, against a citizen of Russia filed administrative proceedings under article 16.3 (the prohibitions and (or) restrictions on import of goods).

Help: individuals over 18 years of age can bring into the territory of the Eurasian economic Union 3 liters of alcohol without the required Declaration and without paying customs duties and taxes. If the amount of alcoholic drinks and beer is more than 3 litres but not exceeding 5 litres shall be paid customs payments in the amount of 10 euros per 1 liter in excess of (if you’re taking pure ethyl alcohol, the amount of the fee is 22 Euro per liter). More than 5 liters of the above products banned completely.

With detailed information on the procedure for movement by individuals of goods for personal use you can visit the official website of the Central customs administration http://ctu.customs.ru/ in the section “Information for individuals”.

Catherine Masterenko,
press Secretary of the Bryansk customs