On the flight “Mineralnye Vody – Istanbul” detained a large consignment of currency

On the flight “Mineralnye Vody – Istanbul” detained a large consignment of currency

During the customs control of the international flight “Mineralnye Vody – Istanbul” officials Mineralovodsky customs post revealed a failure to declare large amounts of currency.

The woman took a trip $300 and 1 160,000 rollers. Passing a double corridor system, chose the green, which is designed for passengers reporting the absence of their baggage of goods subject to mandatory Declaration. Customs passenger reported that it took more than a million rubles because they were afraid to leave their homes.

$ 300 and 535 000 rubles, exceeding the equivalent of 10 000 US dollars, were seized and placed in the storage chamber of the evidence Mineralovodsky customs. On the given fact criminal case concerning an administrative offense under article 16.4 of the administrative code “failure to Declare or false Declaration of individuals cash and (or) monetary instruments”. By law, the violator faces a fine in amount from one-half to two times the amount of undeclared cash, or confiscation of currency, which became the subject of an administrative offense.

Mineralovodsky customs reminds: if you can carry the amount of currency exceeds the equivalent of US $ 10,000, it must be declared in writing. To avoid violations, it is necessary to carefully study the rules of carriage of goods and Luggage, which are posted on the Bulletin boards at the air border crossing points in the region of Mineralovodsky customs.

In addition, from February 4, 2020 lump sum movement of one individual through the customs border of the EAEU of cash in the sum more than 100 thousand U.S. dollars concurrently with the submission of a passenger customs Declaration will be required to provide documents confirming the origin of such funds. Documents submitted must prove the claimed in the Declaration. As such documents may be used: documents issued by credit institutions when making FX transactions, withdrawing funds from the account the loan; documents confirming the conclusion of legal transactions (inheritance, gift, etc.).

Julia Kutaka,
a press-the Secretary of Mineralovodsky customs