Neither gave up, no matter what!

Members of the Youth Council of the Kaluga customs met with veterans, residents of besieged Leningrad.

“The siege of Leningrad — the great and tragic pages of Russian and Soviet history, according to some reports which claimed about a million lives! The defenders of the city and its people are valuable to your life gave us the peaceful sky. You are a witness of this Victory, and it is very important that remained in the ranks, talked with young people. You are a Prime example of courage and perseverance for the modern young generation. The tragic pages of history behind us, but we must all remember those terrible events and not to forget the heroes of those years” – appealed to veterans of the Chairman of the Youth Council of customs Sergey Ulyanov.

About the heroic defense, the difficult days of occupation and a long-awaited victory of the modern generation he told the participants of those events.

“125 grams of bread, the lack of heat and water” a black spot remained in the memory.

Despite the cold and hunger, during the War in besieged Leningrad were collected 144 tons of blood for the soldiers of the red army.”

Victim of the siege are often in schools, talking with young people, tell them what you will not find online or in books. And, as a rule, these stories find a positive response.

– When I talk about life in besieged Leningrad, many girls even cry. If they are able to empathize, so our young people have a future. But most importantly – it’s still family, after all, foundations of education, respect for their roots, the history of their country is laid at home: parents, grandparents, – shared his impressions one of bloodnet.

After the war each of them had its own life, its own destiny, but they are United by common pain and shared memories.

“These stories are priceless life lessons. What experienced people, kids, no-holds-barred, and this memory we can not and should not give,” – said Ulyanov.

Customs officers congratulated blockade with 76anniversary of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad. Wished them good health and long life. The meeting ended with a friendly tea-party.

Ekaterina Zhdanova,

Press Secretary of the Kaluga customs