Landing Kingisepp customs on the Cold island

In 2020, noted the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. In Kingisepp district there are places in military history that have a special meaning. It’s a Cold island, strategically placed at the approaches to St. Petersburg. During the Second world war, they were at the center of battles for the Baltic, for the beleaguered but unbroken Leningrad.

Officials Kingisepp customs, together with the Chairman of the Board of veterans Kingisepp customs Andrey Yuryevich Ilyin went to one of the Cold Islands of Gogland O. (translated from Swedish High land), popularly also called the island of sunken ships, which holds a rich military history.

The main task of the travellers was the improvement work of the monuments established in honor of the victims on the island of soldiers during the great Patriotic war.

Upon arrival at the place of customs officers were greeted by a friendly family Avdeeva.

Michael, Catherine and their seven year old son Simon live here year-round for the past five years. Catherine – meteorologist, told us about the beauty and wealth of these places. Michael is a historian, worked for many years in the search party and found tangible evidence of the great Patriotic war. It told about the history of the war years.

– 30 Dec 1941 ski squad, formed of soldiers and sailors of the garrison of the island Lavansaari (Strong), under Colonel Alexei A. Barinov, made an unprecedented multi-kilometer March across the ice of the Gulf of Finland. On 2 January 1942, the detachment attacked a Finnish garrison and liberated the island of Hogland. The detachment of Colonel Barinov heroically defended the island 86 days, – said Mikhail Avdeev. In honor of this important event, a monument was erected to the brave soldiers. Close by is a monument to rear Admiral Ivan Georgievich Svatovo, according to his will, the urn with his ashes was lowered into the waters of the Gulf of Finland near the island of Hogland.

– In the summer of 1941 under the command of Ivan G. Svyatov Baltic sailors were saved 16 thousand people trapped in the water after trying to break out of the besieged Tallinn to Kronstadt, – said Michael.

Customs completed the work on the improvement of these places of (weeded out the grass, removed branches, I sanded the old coat of paint and updated monuments by painting a new one).

In the remaining time, officials Kingisepp customs, went on a tour of the Northern part of the island. The nature of this region left a lasting impression on all members of the labor troops.

Ekaterina Kolesova,
press Secretary Kingisepp customs