Kursk customs officers seized counterfeit bearings

In Kursk withdrawn from the trade, about 1,000 fake bearings for home appliances and industrial equipment, marked the trademark “SKF”.

In the Kursk customs was contacted by a representative of the well-known Swedish company with a request to check the trading network of the city of Kursk for the presence of bearings illegally marked trademark “SKF”. The company received a large number of complaints about the quality of products sold in the city.

Officials of the Department of control after release of goods departments of the protection of intellectual property rights and the operatives of the customs test was conducted of outlets for goods imported into the territory of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) with the violation of customs rules.

During the inspection in the two outlets was found about 1000 different bearings, marked by a sign “SKF”. The individual entrepreneurs had no documents confirming the origin of goods, the legality of its import to the territory of the EAEU, as well as permission from the copyright holder to use the trademark.

The bearings were removed from circulation and sent for analysis to determine the presence of objects of intellectual property included in the ESCALATOR.

Department of protection of brands, the headquarters of the group “SKF” was the verification of the authenticity of the product. The results concluded that all presented products are counterfeit, i.e., the bearings are not performed on any of the plants “SKF” in any of the countries in the world. Sign “SKF” applied to products illegal without the permission of the copyright holder. Neither the copyright owner nor a licensee of the trademark has not entered into any contracts with Kursk entrepreneurs to use the trademark. While counterfeit bearings had very low performance, did not meet the standards and specifications of “SKF”. Their use in components designed to work with the original bearings could cause damage to equipment and harm to human health and the environment.

According to the owner of the trademark “SKF”, due to illegal use of a trademark, he caused damage amounting to more than 83 thousand rubles.

The franchisor appealed to the customs office with a request to bring entrepreneurs to administrative responsibility for illegal use of the trademark “SKF”, and counterfeit products to withdraw from circulation and destroy.

After the inspection is completed, all materials are transferred on jurisdiction in the Rospotrebnadzor administration in the Kursk region for drawing up the Protocol on administrative offense under part 1 of article 14.10 of the administrative code (illegal use of trademark).

The sanction of article prescribes punishment – the offender an administrative fine in the amount from 50 to 200 thousand rubles with confiscation of items containing the reproduction of another’s trademark.

Thanks to the coordinated work of the specialized units of customs and the representative of the owner group “SKF” in Russia, illegal trade turnover of Kursk displayed about a thousand are dangerous to humans and equipment in counterfeit bearings.

General Director of OOO “SKF” in Russia and the CIS Alexey Shulepov thanked the Kursk customs for the protection of the legitimate interests of conscientious manufacturers of quality products. SKF is taking active measures to prevent the spread of counterfeit products and recommends that you purchase products only through a network of authorized distributors, – said Alexey Shulepov.

Sergey Bryantsev,

press Secretary of the Kursk customs