The Sochi customs detained the package with the prohibited drug

The Sochi customs detained the parcel with a banned substance

In pills for weight loss identified a potent substance.

During carrying out quickly-search actions by employees of Department on struggle against smuggling of drugs (ABKN) – Sochi customs suppressed fact smuggling potent substances in international mail arriving from the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The parcel was addressed 38-the summer inhabitant of Sochi. After receiving international mail, the woman was detained by employees of the Sochi customs ABCN. On the question of the contents of the parcel, the citizen explained that inside there is a drug she ordered on the Internet from the Republic of Kazakhstan one of the sites.

When opening the parcel it was discovered a drug of foreign manufacture “Cyclone slimming Magic beans”. All were seized 24 of the blister with the name of “Weight loss. The excretion of the toxin. Beauty” by 9 capsules in each. Total – 216. Discovered the drug was sent for expert examination to the FORMER branch TSKTU Rostov-on-don. According to the results of the examination revealed that the capsules contains a potent substance sibutramine, is included in the list of potent substances, prohibited for importation and trafficking in Russia. The total mass of the substances made up of 71.28 g.

In accordance with article 226.1 of the criminal code illegal movement across the state border of the Russian Federation with States-members of the Customs Union within the EAEC potent substances classified as contraband.

On this fact the test events are held.

From the beginning of 2020 is the third fact of detention of employees of the Sochi customs ABCN silentassasin substances in the mail. Withdrawn from illegal circulation 844,64 grams of highly potent and drugs. One of the last criminal cases on the fact of illegal movement of the same potent substance sibutramine (total weight 566,4 g) from the Republic of Kazakhstan in January of this year, the judgement. A resident of Sochi, ordered the drugs for weight loss through the Internet for commercial purposes for further dissemination through social networks, the court has appointed punishment in the form of three years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period 1 year.

Marina Zhupanova, press Secretary of the Sochi customs