Kursk customs officers detained 600 kilograms of undeclared sporting goods

Almost 600 pounds of extra athletic shoes, apparel and accessories found in the Ukrainian truck, officials of the customs post MAPP Sudzha.

The vehicle was EN route from Kiev to Moscow with a load of sporting goods. According to the shipping documents and commercial documents in the cargo hold were sports shoes, clothing and accessories with the logo of “Adidas” with a total weight of 533 pounds.

In the course of customs inspection with recounting and weighing the product, it was found that in accordance with the number of packages total weight of goods amounted to 1132 kg, 599 pounds more than stated in the shipping documents.

After discovery of the violation, the carrier reported that it had no opportunity to inspect the goods, as it was completely Packed in boxes and sealed with tape control. The blame for the discrepancy between the weight of the product with the source documents, the carrier has entrusted the Ukrainian sender products.

In turn, the manufacturer of sports goods as reasons false information about the weight of the goods in customs documents pointed to a bug in the ERP system of the enterprise (the software product, ensuring the balanced management of all resources of the organization).

In accordance with the customs legislation, the carrier is liable before the customs authority for the presentation of shipping documents, with complete and accurate information about the transported product. In case of doubt, it must fit in the overhead reasonable reservations.

“For the message to customs body of inaccurate information on the gross weight of the goods at arrival on customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union by submitting to the customs authority of invalid documents in respect of the Ukrainian transport company made the Protocol on an administrative offense,” – said the head of the customs post MAPP Sudzha Sergey Vanzha.

The case of an administrative offense are considered, the offender was sentenced to an administrative fine in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. In addition, the legal entity, the address of which was followed by goods have to pay customs duties and taxes in respect of the whole consignment.

Sergey Bryantsev,

press Secretary of the Kursk customs