Kemerovo customs officials summed up the results of its work in 2019

The total amount of the Declaration in the Kemerovo customs in 2019 increased by 28.2%. So, it was decorated almost 42 thousand goods declarations, including more than 13 thousand – for export (export), about 29 thousand – to import (import). In automatic mode, i.e. without participation of the inspector, was about 28 thousand goods declarations, that is 45.7% of the total.

The Kemerovo customs in 2019 are listed in the Federal budget customs and other payments amounting to more than 34 billion rubles. The amount of customs transfers compared to last year increased by 41%.

– Set target for formation of the revenue part of the state Treasury of our organization is more than 110%. This indicator allowed the Kemerovo customs by the end of 2019 to take the first place among the customs of the Siberian customs Department, – said Andrey Zimin, acting chief of the Kemerovo customs.

Foreign trade turnover in the area of responsibility of the Kemerovo customs in terms of value amounted to more than 5 billion U.S. dollars in the physical is more than 6 million tons. Commodity structure of exports was represented by metals and products from them chemical products, food products and agricultural raw materials; import of machinery, equipment and vehicles, chemical products, metals and products made of them food products.

Foreign trade operations in the area of responsibility of customs was carried out by 439 participants of foreign economic activity. Among them, 178 organizations and enterprises of the Kemerovo region, which interacted with 107 countries of the world. Main trading partners are: Taiwan (China), China, Germany, USA, Japan, Netherlands, Turkey, Republic of Korea, Italy, Mongolia. Trade with these countries represents 81,7% of the volume of export-import operations.

In the framework of the protection of intellectual property in cooperation with the Department of the MIA of Russia in Kemerovo region and Kemerovo city and CPS in the domestic market of Kuzbass revealed and withdrawn from circulation 7 302 units of counterfeit products. The main groups of counterfeit goods were the goods of light industry (clothes, shoes, hats, bags, socks) brands “Adidas”, “Nike” “Adidas”, “Puma”, tobacco, “Marlboro”, alcoholic beverages, coffee “Jacobs”.

In 2019 decreased the number of revealed administrative offenses – 1070 cases of administrative offences in the same period of 2018 – 1194. In addition, law enforcement unit instituted 49 criminal cases. As a result of operative-service activity revealed 15 facts of contraband of narcotic drugs and potent substances in international mail from illegal turnover seized nearly 700 grams. narcotic drugs and potent substances. An important area of operational activities is the fight against the crimes connected with the illegal withdrawal of funds abroad. The result of these measures, instituted 10 criminal cases.

Lyudmila Shilova,

press Secretary of the Kemerovo customs