Karelian customs: happy birthday, the society “Dynamo”!

April 18 marks 97 years since the formation of the all-Russian public sports organization “Dynamo”.

Tasks created in 1923 the Society “Dynamo” began the improvement of moral-volitional qualities, physical and combat training of the personnel of the security agencies of the country, the development of service-applied sports.

Dynamo – the all-Russian public sports organization operating in all regions of the Russian Federation, which actually takes part in the solution of public problems, both at the Federal and at the regional level.

Team Karelian customs is an active participant in the Dinamo movement in Karelia and one of the leaders of the annual Spartakiad of the Karelian society “Dynamo”.

Employees of the Karelian customs O. I. Nemysheva, A. A. Rodionov, I. V. Tarasova, C. A. Timofeev, R. V. Geven, P. S. sarin, V. N. Lobashov, S. A. Chepushtanov, A. N. Macko, P. V. Andrianov and many others repeatedly became winners and prize-winners of Republican, regional, Russian and international competitions in all-round with guard dogs, cross country skiing, swimming, combat Sambo, the official Nordic combined and other sports.

Officials of the Karelian customs, and their children take part in annual sports, physical culture, Patriotic events for the members of the security and law and order, members of their families, children and social rehabilitation of children’s institutions, veterans of the Dynamo movement and all the inhabitants of Petrozavodsk and Republic of Karelia.

Customs officers are loyal to the sport and the Dynamo tradition, they are characterized by persistence in achievement of high sports results, a commitment to regular physical training and sports at any age.

Congratulations to the employees of security agencies and law enforcement, veterans and all of the Dynamo with the birthday of the famous sports society “Dynamo”!

We wish you sound health, inexhaustible optimism, energy and, of course, new victories!

Nikolai Fomin,
the press-Secretary of Karelian customs