Irkutsk customs foiled the smuggling of “Kalashnikovs”

Irkutsk customs office revealed counterfeit goods – toys that mimic the “Kalashnikov AK 47”.

The toys were imported from China pursuant to the foreign trade contract concluded between the Irkutsk limited liability company and a Chinese company (Harbin). The imported goods were placed on one of warehouses of temporary storage in the city of Irkutsk and was declared the technology of remote release in the Center of electronic Declaration (Cade) Irkutsk customs.

During the customs inspection carried out on behalf of CEDA inspectors of the customs post of Irkutsk of the Irkutsk customs, it turned out that this toy is stated in the Declaration on the goods as “machine Electromechanical”, has signs of kontrafaktnosti as visually similar and mimics the look of a Kalashnikov AK 47. Just cardboard boxes was discovered 480 units of this product.

Counterfeit goods also confirmed examination to establish that the submitted for examination “automatic Electromechanical” similar to the point of confusion with the registered trademark “Kalashnikov AK 47”.

Visual bulk the trademark “Kalashnikov AK 47” is registered in Rospatent and also in the Customs register of intellectual property objects (TROIS). The exclusive right of possession of this trade mark owned by JSC “Concern “Kalashnikov”.

Under the law, the right holder has the exclusive right on the registered objects of intellectual property and the organization (person) cannot use such goods without consent of the owner.

The trademark holder confirmed that there are no license agreements (production, storage, movement, import to Russia and the other input of the goods into civil circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation) with the company-importer of these toys was. In this regard, the right holder was required to bring the importer to administrative responsibility.

For illegal use of another’s trademark or similar designation of the Irkutsk customs in respect of the importing firm, a criminal case on an administrative offence responsibility for which is provided by part 1 of article 14.10 of the administrative code.

Counterfeit goods arrested.