The traders appreciated the new format of communication with the customs authorities

The traders appreciated the new format of communication with customs authorities

19 Feb 2020 representatives of the Volga customs administration of the Volga and e-customs participated in a video conference with participants of foreign economic activity of the city of Perm. This meeting was the first of six planned in the Volga region.

The event was organized by the chamber of Commerce of Nizhny Novgorod region. A distinctive feature of the event was that the traders who had gathered in Perm, by video-link were able to listen to the speech of the representatives of customs authorities, located in Nizhny Novgorod, and most importantly – ask them your questions. It is an opportunity to get answers to urgent questions “on-line” from customs officials were met with traders particularly positively.

In the conference from the customs authorities took part the Deputy chief of Privolzhsky customs electronic Olena Plakida, head of Department of customs procedures and customs control of the Volga electronic customs Mikhail Zemskov, Deputy chief of Department of customs procedures and customs control service of the customs control organization of the Volga customs Dept Ilya Gainetdinov. The moderator with the Nizhny Novgorod side was made by the Director of the external relations Department of the CCI BUT Olga Akimova. In the conference room in Perm has gathered more than 50 traders and representatives of the Perm customs.

Some of the questions received from the traders concerned changes in the customs legislation; interaction with the PET if necessary for the submission of paper documents, the need for actual examination of the goods and upon confirmation of actual export of goods. A number of issues related to the nature of the business of the Perm region: the export of timber and lumber, the procedure of processing, interaction with the Russian marking of goods, etc.

We remind you that the meeting of representatives of customs and foreign economic activities participants in Perm opened a series of similar events in six cities of the Volga region. Next videoconference will be held on 18th March in Kazan (in the chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Tatarstan) and 24 March in Cheboksary (chamber of Commerce of the Chuvash Republic). Next meeting will be held in Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa and Samara. Dates and addresses of events to be advised – stay tuned.