Irkutsk customs are ready to control marked goods

Irkutsk customs reminds the participants of foreign trade activities prohibiting the import and circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation unmarked goods: shoes, drugs and tobacco products.

Mandatory labeling of these products with means of identification in the Russian Federation is introduced from 1 July 2020 within the framework of implementation of resolutions of the Government of the Russian Federation as a tool to counter illegal turnover of industrial products and is designed to protect consumers from fraud, to improve collection of tax and customs payments.

Since the beginning of July of the current year on the above goods at their import or release for free circulation must be applied to digital code, protected by special cryptographic label. It is assumed that using a mobile app each customer will scan the code and view the detailed information about the product.

Irkutsk customs since the entry into force of these legislative amendments are intended to implement the control of goods subject to marking, as for import – at the stage of Declaration of goods, as well as the implementation of customs control on the turnover of goods – that is, to identify the unmarked foreign goods, which turnover in the Russian Federation illegally.

Since the beginning of the year in Irkutsk customs declared various shoes to the amount of 1.4 million US dollars; pharmaceutical products declared in the amount of 659 million U.S. dollars. Customs clearance of tobacco products in the Irkutsk customs are not carried out in the absence of jurisdiction on the Declaration of excisable goods.

The chief of Irkutsk customs post (the electronic Declaration Center), Irkutsk customs Yuri Plotnikov explains: “Since the beginning of the current year until July 1, the CEA carried out the Declaration of shoes as well as a significant number of pharmaceutical products. Currently, for effective customs control and traceability of the movement of goods in the customs authorities regulate the right to verify the labeling of goods, declarants responsibility to specify information about the identity of the goods Declaration”.

Marking can occur before the import of goods and submission of the goods Declaration. In addition, the participants of foreign trade activities can cause marking already on the territory of the Russian Federation when placing goods under the customs procedure of customs warehouse. The obligation to mark the goods rests with the sellers, producers, suppliers and importers.

The chief of Department of customs control of the field release of the goods Irkutsk customs Tatiana Matrohina noted that the sale of unmarked medicinal products entered into circulation until July 1, 2020, will be permitted before the expiry of their shelf life.

The sale of unmarked shoes from 1 July prohibited. Shoes that have been purchased by organizations until July 1, but the import (import) is done later, you can declare to the customs authority and mark until 1 August. While marking is not applied, further, the turnover of the product is prohibited.

The retail sale of cigarettes, imported after July 1, 2019 and unrealized until July 1, 2020, shall be allowed only under condition of transfer to the information system monitoring information to sell them.

“I want to note that introduction of marking on the footwear, drugs and tobacco products is a continuation of previous work on the legalization of imported goods. So, the Irkutsk customs, in accordance with the legislation, from 2016 carries out control actions on check of legality of import of fur products subject to mandatory labeling. The first batch of marked fur appeared in Irkutsk in the end of September 2016. During this time, the us domestic market has been revealed about two thousand unmarked fur coats from natural fur; the state Treasury was returned about 15 million rubles of customs payments for the goods that were in trade and previously declared was not”, – said Tatiana Matrohina.


Rules of labeling of drugs approved by Resolutions of the RF Government dated 14.12.2018 No. 1556 No. 1557, shoes – according to the Decree of the RF Government dated 05.07.2019 No. 860, tobacco products – Government Decree of the Russian Federation from 28.02.2019 N 224.

In 2020 will also become mandatory labeling of spirits, cameras, tires, and 2021 – a separate light industrial goods. Detailed information is available on the official website of the FCS of Russia in section “Labelling of goods” at the following address:

Tatyana Krasavina,

a press-the Secretary of Irkutsk customs