In the Ural customs administration held a meeting of the Board

In the Ural customs administration held a meeting of the Board

The reduction of terms of production and quality control of goods declarations was discussed in the past in the Ural customs administration meeting of the Board.

For five months the Ural electronic customs released 86 thousand declarations of goods transferred into the budget more than 24 billion rubles, opened 130 cases on administrative offences. The concentration of declarative array was 99.6%. Today in the customs actual control is executed only every 250-th consignment. It is a single Declaration: making fissile and radioactive materials; vehicle title issued; goods made of precious and semiprecious metals and stones; goods placed under the customs procedure of free customs zone and also goods with the license of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation.

Have improved considerably the application of automatic algorithms. Today check in the manual mode is held every 25th of export and 3rd import Declaration. The share of autopause of goods for export was 93% (up 37%), in imports – 79% (an increase of 74%). Increasing levels of automation of decision-making for customs operations affect the time the Declaration of goods. So export and import Declaration in automatic mode are produced in 45 seconds. When the inspector for release of the goods in manual mode takes more than one and a half hours to export and more than two hours when importing.

The positive dynamics of the use of automatic algorithms have impacted, first, the refinement of the criteria themselves of algorithms of automated decision-making, and secondly, working with declarants and customs representatives to improve the quality of the filling count of the Declaration and preparation of documents for Declaration of goods.

Summing up the meeting of the Board, head of the Department proposed to focus on the time of the decision of the inspection team. “We need a balance between the quality of customs control and timing. And to him we should seek,” concluded Maxim Cmore.

Department of public relations UTU