In the second quarter of 2020, the citizens appealed to the Siberian customs Department 189 times

In the second quarter of 2020 in the Siberian customs office (STU) received 189 complaints of citizens, which is 7 % less than in the same period of 2019 (204 applications). The main part of the appeals amounted to the application (176), also 11 complaints were received and 2 offers.

Applicants actively used electronic channels for filing complaints. So, for the period of STU received 68 complaints (1 complaint, 65 applications, 2 offers) at the e-mail address, and 110 complaints (9 complaints 101 application) through the website STU a Web-server FTS of Russia.

In General, the subject matters on which citizens have contacted the office, remains the same: first and foremost is the clarification of issues related to customs clearance of goods, mostly sent by international mail, as well as vehicles. In addition, citizens have traditionally been interested in the issues of employment in customs authorities of the region, – said the Deputy chief of Department of documentary maintenance of STU Margarita Karpov.

All citizens are considered within the deadline.

Contact STU citizens can, by filling a special form on the website of STU Web-server FTS of Russia or send a letter by e-mail stu_odo@stu.customs.ruthat is also taken statements on the record on personal reception to the leadership of STU.

The sample address, the procedure for applying to the STU, the schedule of reception of citizens, addresses, telephone numbers of the customs bodies are also published on the website of STU Web-server FTS of Russia.

In addition, STU has a service information and advice on issues of customs, to seek where possible by phone (383) 319-90-00.

“Trust” STU: (383) 228-12-49.

Department of public relations of STU