In the Samara customs is an online photo exhibition in honor of the great Volga river

May 20, all Volga regions celebrate the day of the great river – the Volga Day.

The youth Council of the Samara customs office has proposed the initiative on holding the exhibition of works of officials in the Samara customs online to all were able, without departing from the workplace, to admire the beauty of our great river.

The initiative was actively supported. Today we could see the Volga from the right and the left Bank in the Samara region, to see the Volga river in Ulyanovsk region. In the photo we can see the ice hummocks, and numerous Islands, immersed in the greenery, sunsets and sunrises. Thank you to our sponsors for their artistic eye for beauty, which they shared with us.

Information note:

Volga – one of the largest rivers not only in Russia but also in Europe. Its length is 3.7 thousand kilometers. The area of the basin, which occupies eight percent of Russia’s territory is 1.5 million square kilometers. In the Volga region is located nearly half of all farmland and industrial enterprises of the country. Every year along the Volga flows about 250 cubic kilometers of water.

First Volga Day was held in 2008 in Nizhny Novgorod during the X international scientific-industrial forum “Great rivers – 2008”. Then joined the celebration and other regions of Russia.

May 20 the Day of the Volga river in the Volga regions there will be an online quiz, environmental debates and online conference. For example, the Central library system of the city of Ulyanovsk starts the action #of Navalnogo. To participate in it can be recorded on video reading poems on the Volga.

 Daria Metelkina,
the press-Secretary of the Samara customs