Counterfeit “Oil” entrepreneurs will pay a fine

Counterfeit “Oil” entrepreneurs will pay a fine

Attempt to declare the counterfeit goods and to import it on the territory of Russia is revealed by the officials of the Tver customs in the course of activities under customs control.

52 thousands of counterfeit cans with lids from China tried to import to our country and place in the Tver customs post (the electronic Declaration center), Tver customs. Commercial batch was in the customs control zone of the Moscow railway customs post of the Moscow customs. As examination has shown, for imported products was caused by the image, similar to the point of confusion with the trademarks of two well-known brands of alcoholic products “Neft” and “Okhotnichya” and the appellation of origin “Russian vodka”. According to the means of individualization in the Russian Federation is submitted to legal protection. For manufacturing and putting into civil circulation of goods marked with such means of identification, requires a special permission from the copyright holder. The declarant, the required documents were missing. In addition, according to representatives of right holders, for example, the original vodka “Oil” is not made in China, but only in Austria. And the alcoholic beverages of the brand “Hunting” is never bottled in consumer packaging tin.

On the basis of statements of representatives of right holders in respect of the declarant, the Tver customs office were initiated and submitted to the court two cases on administrative offences under part 1 of article 14.10 of the administrative code “Illegal use of means of individualization of goods (works, services)”. The offender penalties for a total amount of 100 thousand rubles with confiscation of counterfeit products.

Another 55 thousand fine the company received under part 3 of article 16.2 (“failure to Declare or false Declaration of goods”) for the fact that during the customs Declaration of these goods was provided invalid Declaration of conformity for products.

  Yulia Kalinina,

press Secretary of the Tver customs