Central electronic customs (Tselt) maintains a set of experts

Central electronic customs (Tselt) is the set of experts

Tselt subordinate to the Central customs administration and is located at the address: Moscow, Komsomolskaya square., 1, p. 3. Region of the Central activities of e-customs it is the Russian Federation.

From 31 July 2020 in the structure of Tselt will be the Center of electronic Declaration.

Experienced, having behind shoulders experience of customs professionals to work in Tselt is the ability to master modern information technology, to enhance our knowledge and skills in the field of customs, to become competent leaders and mentors for young colleagues.

For beginners to experts working in the Central e-customs is the start of a career civil servant. For them opens the possibility to study and master the profession of a specialist in the field of customs Affairs that entails the existence of knowledge in the field of Economics, law, management and information sphere.