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Head of Tula Customs Maxim Velikanov took part in the opening ceremony of new production facilities

Published: March 18, 2024 10:00 AM

Maxim Velikanov, head of Tula Customs, took part in the launch ceremony of the NAVAL car engine plant and a new production facility in the Uzlovaya SEZ. The event was attended by Alexei Dyumin, Governor of the Tula Region, and Albert Karimov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

The plant for the production of Haval brand passenger cars began operations in 2019. The new industrial complex is equipped with high-tech equipment using innovative engineering solutions in the field of environmental protection and energy saving. Production of two types of 1.5-liter and 2-liter engines will be carried out in a full-cycle mode.

Tula customs officers have completed the customs transit procedure  in respect of more than 15.5 thousand consignments of goods received by the HAVAL plant. Tula Customs promptly carries out customs control in respect of equipment and components coming to the address of the automobile enterprise. The use of classification decisions of the Federal Customs Service of Russia contributes to accelerated customs operations,” – said the head of the Tula Customs Maxim Velikanov

The participants of the event also visited the production of Promet, Russia’s largest manufacturer of safes and metal furniture, as well as machine tools, in the Uzlovaya SEZ

Svetlana Begunova,

Svetlana Begunova,

spokeswoman for Tula Customs


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