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Voronezh entrepreneurs have saved 370 million rubles since the beginning of the year

Published: February 26, 2024 10:00 AM

Equipment worth 1.5 billion rubles has been cleared by Voronezh customs officers in the Center Special Economic Zone since the beginning of the year

The customs terminal officially began its work in the SEZ on December 18 last year. Its work has reduced time costs, sped up the production process and allowed residents to take advantage of tax breaks and customs preferences. In two months, entrepreneurs have saved more than 370 million rubles on customs payments.


“Between 200 and 300 trucks pass through the customs terminal’s checkpoints every day. For the convenience of residents, it is also planned in the near future to organize round-the-clock vehicle passage”,” added Pavel Pochinkin, head of the Levoberezhny customs post.

For the convenience of residents, the terminal will also organize the passage of vehicles around the clock

Now there are 14 residents in the SEZ “Center”, the total volume of their investments is 37 billion rubles. These are the largest manufacturers of power equipment for the needs of the nuclear and oil and gas industries, metal products, grain processing equipment, confectionery and other goods needed by the Russian economy

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