Annunciation customs officials do not forget the fellow soldiers

Annunciation customs officials do not forget the fellow soldiers – internationalists

In the Blagoveshchensk customs celebrated former soldiers-Afghans – Michael gross, Alexander Ezri, Vladimir Bondarchuk, the parties to restore constitutional order in the Chechen Republic – Eugene Ivankina, Alexander Chudinov, Konstantin Dubinin, Paul Corjova, Eugene Ponomarenko and Nikita Borodin.

Customs traditionally remember the soldiers-internationalists, who in different years of service in the Armed forces of the USSR and Russia performed the international duty, he participated in military action for the protection of the territorial integrity of our state. A, as before, at the forefront of protecting the interests of the state, some are retired.

On the eve of Day of memory of Russians who performed their duty outside the Fatherland, acting chief of the Blagoveshchensk customs Dmitry Linnik expressed to soldiers-internationalists gratitude for the faithfulness to military duty, protection of interests of Russia. The veterans were given photo albums – “30 years, the Blagoveshchensk customs”. With words of celebration turned to them, the Chairman of the Council of veterans of customs Evgeny Kurochkin and students of the Amur state University.

The customs Museum the guests visited the exhibition “the Blagoveshchensk customs to protect the economic security of Russia”, laid flowers to the bust of Basil Dymchuk, who was killed during the arrest of smugglers.


Drachev Ivan,

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