About the experiment on the application of electronic declaring of goods for personal use

The order of the FCS of Russia of July 8, 2016 No. 192-R approved Interim arrangements for the use of the Unified automated information system of customs authorities when performing customs operations in respect of goods for personal use moved in accompanied, unaccompanied baggage or delivered by carrier using information submitted in electronic form.

According to the Order of the FCS of Russia until recently was a list of individual customs posts of “pilot” areas in which the experiment was applied within the framework of declaring of goods for personal use in electronic form.

Currently the order of the FCS of Russia from December, 31st, 2019 No. 323-p “About modification of order FTS of Russia from July 8, 2016 No. 192-p” was amended, according to which is specified, in particular, that during the experiments the objects of the pilot zone, you should identify all customs authorities.

In accordance with the Interim order, any natural person or his customs representative can advance before the movement of goods across the customs border, to submit the customs Declaration in electronic form. This can be done using Internet resources in the “Personal profile” or information systems of the declarant for submission to the customs authorities information in electronic form.

The possibility to declare goods for personal use in electronic form will be available in case of transfer of such goods in accompanied, unaccompanied baggage, or in respect of goods delivered by the carrier to address individuals who are subject to mandatory Declaration.

Unified automated information system of customs authorities registers electronically and given a unique number. On arrival to the customs authority, the inspector has reported a number, it prints out the Declaration, if necessary, shall be paid the appropriate customs payments and the issue of the Declaration.

This procedure significantly reduces the time and simplifies the process of making customs procedures for individuals.

At the same time, it should be noted that this procedure does not apply when the Declaration of vehicles for personal use goods sent by international mail and goods in respect of which bans and restrictions.

Detailed information about the experiment and the procedure of actions of officials of customs authorities and applicants can visit the official website of the FCS of Russia (www.customs.ru).

Zoe Amirkhanova,
press Secretary of the Dagestani customs