Irkutsk customs has revealed the return of more than 6 million rubles for exported to China coal

Irkutsk customs has brought to administrative responsibility for the limited liability company, registered in Angarsk, Irkutsk region, and its CEO for violations of the requirements of currency legislation, connected with evasion from execution of obligations on return of money paid for exported to China commodity – coal.

The results ended may 13, the audit found that Irkutsk limited liability company signed a long-term foreign economic contract with superkasko company (China) for the supply of goods – the “coal tar” for a total volume of 70 thousand tons.

The contract provided for the payment (transfer of funds) the buyer is a Chinese company after receipt of coal at destination station – Manzhouli (China railway). However, the payment for exported to China coal for the total amount (in ruble equivalent) over 6 million rubles to the Bank account of the Russian company, the seller and not received.

In Angarsk the firm-the exporter explained that earlier contracts with this Chinese company was not concluded. Thus at the conclusion of the contract, the check for reliability of the foreign partner was conducted.

Acting head of exchange control Department of the Irkutsk customs Anna Lossky explained: “In accordance with current currency legislation of the Russian Federation the Russian firm-the exporter is obliged in the terms provided foreign trade contracts, to ensure the receipt of their accounts in the authorized banks funds outstanding for foreign partner transferred goods”.

Since the beginning of the 2020 exchange control Department of the Irkutsk customs was conducted 59 inspections of companies and organizations – participants of foreign economic activity.

The results of these inspections revealed 1935 currency law violations totaling over $ 1 billion 203 million. While 98% of the violations of the currency legislation were revealed during check of export contracts.

Since the beginning of 2020, according to audits of the Irkutsk customs officers have filed 94 cases of administrative offences. The main offences are associated with unapplied (non-return) funds to the account of the authorized Russian banks for exported goods.


Audits of compliance with the currency legislation of the customs bodies was suspended in the period from 25 may to 31 may of the current year (the RF Government Decree No. 671 dated may 13, 2020).

Previously, the ban on similar tests applied only to tax authorities (resolution of the RF Government of 2 April 2020 № 409 “On the measures for the sustainable development of the economy”).