A seminar on the issues of the alternative research methodology Doing Business

Held a seminar on conducting an alternative study on the methodology of Doing Business

February 26, 2020 non-commercial partnership “Guild of professional participants of the market of rendering services in the field of customs and foreign trade “Hermes” seminar, which discussed issues related to the participation of Russian business in research (survey), conducted on methodology of the world Bank’s Doing Business indicator “trading across borders”.

Prior to the seminar with a salutatory word to participants of the event were first Deputy head of the FCS of Russia Ruslan Davydov.

A study by the world Bank’s Doing Business indicator “international trade” in respect of the Russian Federation to 2020, considering the level of “ease” of doing business in foreign economic operations during import of the goods “parts” from Germany to Moscow and St. Petersburg and the export of “black metal” to Turkey from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The study Doing Business 2020, published by the world Bank on 24 October 2019, the Russian Federation in terms of “international trade” takes 99 place in the rating of 190 countries.

After a survey of Russian business by the organizers of the study plan conduct activities for the public discussion and coverage of its results in the media, as well as the direction of the received information to the world Bank.