A citizen of Ukraine were brought to administrative liability for smuggling a stun gun

A citizen of Ukraine were brought to administrative liability for smuggling a stun gun

Kursk customs sent to the court an administrative case against 35-year-old citizen of Ukraine on violation of customs rules for the import of civilian weapons on the territory of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU).

A resident of the city of Sumy neighboring Ukraine acquired for security purposes in the store Taser. Going to Russia, I decided to take it with you. When passing customs control, said officials Glushkovskogo customs office about the absence of goods subject to mandatory Declaration prohibited or restricted for import to Russia. In the ensuing examination in a pocket of a backpack was discovered with a stun device with integrated flashlight. The Taser was withdrawn and directed on examination.

According to the expert, the research product is a contact stun device with built-in flashlight model “POLICE 158000KV BL-1101” of foreign production. The product is designed for the purpose of self-defense is self-defense weapon. The stun device is not certified in Russia and Russian production.

“On the facts of violations of customs rules (non-Declaration) and established by international treaties States – members of the Union of prohibitions and restrictions concerning imported on the territory of the EAEU of civilian weapons, against a citizen of Ukraine is composed of two protocols on administrative violations – said the Deputy head of the customs office Glushkovskogo novel Labozin. “Regulation on administrative Affairs will make the court. Sanctions of part 1 of article 16.2 and article 16.3 of the administrative code shall be punishable by civil fines and possible confiscation of civilian weapons”.

Our reference:

In accordance with article 3 of the Federal law of the Russian Federation from 13.12.1996 № 150 of the Federal law “About the weapon”, electroshock devices belong to the category of self-defense weapons are civilian weapons. Contact stun device with built-in flashlight is included in the list of service and civilian weapons, its main (composite) parts and ammunition limited for import into the customs territory and transit across the customs territory of the EAEU. When importing a stun device is subject to a mandatory written Declaration, as is the product in respect of which bans and restrictions. The of import physical entity of the weapons as goods for personal use (whatever the purpose of importation) is subject to the conclusion (the allowing document) the authorized body of the Russian Federation (Regardie). The cases of issuing of the conclusion (permission document) for importation by individuals of arms established by paragraph 16 of the Annex 17 of the Decision of the Board of the Eurasian economic Commission on 21.04.2015 No. 30. The import of weapons in other cases is prohibited.

Sergey Bryantsev,

press Secretary of the Kursk customs