260 billion listed Baltic customs in the Federal budget

Results of foreign trade in the region of the Baltic customs in Jan-July 2020.

For seven months of 2020 (January-July) Baltic customs transferred to the Federal budget of customs duties and taxes in the amount 259,999 billion rubles, which is 1% higher than the same period last year.

Foreign trade turnover in the region of the Baltic customs made 21,22 billion US dollars. Foreign trade activities were carried out by 8 590 traders.

In January-July 2020 Baltic customs has released 190 353 of the customs Declaration (including import – 168 715, export – 21 638).

A mass load feature of cargo in the first seven months 2020 compared with the same period last year increased by 79% and amounted to 16.3 million tonnes. The weight, the volume of export cargo increased by 250%, import increased by 0.5%.

The export of goods was carried out in 156 countries of the world. The main exporting countries were China (27%), Brazil (12%), Turkey (11%), Lithuania (4.4 percent), Belgium (4%), India (3.9 percent), Norway (3%), Finland (3%), Netherlands (2,7%), United States (2.2 per cent).

In the commodity structure of export in weight the amount prevailed: fertilizer (34%), ores, slag and ash (20%), wood and articles of wood (15%), ferrous metals (13 %), salt, sulphur, earths and stone (9%).

Goods imported from 155 countries of the world. Main importing countries: China (20%), Ecuador (15%), Germany (5%), India (4%), Argentina (4%), the Republic of Korea (4%), Brazil (3%), South Africa (3%), United States (3%), Netherlands (2.5 percent).

In the commodity structure of import in weight volume leading the way: fruit (25%), polymeric materials (7%), ferrous metals (5%), organic chemicals (5%), equipment (4%), mixed chemical products (3%), means of ground transport (2.7 per cent), products of processing of vegetables, fruits (2,7%), fish and crustaceans (2,5%), furniture (2,4 %).

All customs posts of the Baltic customs, including the Baltic CED, work in normal mode from 9-00 to 21-00 hours daily (including weekends), with observance of all necessary anti-epidemic measures.

Reference: the Baltic customs, part of the North-Western customs administration, is the largest sea border Russian customs. In the region of activity of customs there are two sea checkpoint: the Big port St. Petersburg and Passenger port of Saint-Petersburg. In the structure of customs operates seven customs posts: Turukhtanny, Forest port, Kronstadt, the Harbor, skipper, Bronka and Baltic customs post (CED). The helpline of the Baltic customs – 8 (812) 640 37 02.


Alina Schmidt,
press Secretary of the Baltic customs