Volga Customs Administration

Samara customs officers detained a Togliatti man for multimillion-dollar scams

Published: March 5, 2024 15:30

Operative officers of Samara Customs uncovered a criminal scheme to transfer 131 million rubles abroad.

A businessman from Togliatti signed a contract for the delivery of goods from China worth 10 million US dollars.  4 million US dollars were transferred to Hong Kong, where the firm is located, according to the contract. In fact, the entrepreneur received goods worth half that amount.  He did not take any action to receive the balance of the goods or refund the money for the unreceived products

To conceal the money fraud, the Togliatti man executed a contractual assignment agreement for two legal entities created to commit the crime. He also re-registered his company to another person

Customs officers found that the entrepreneur had so far conducted foreign trade activities through controlled legal entities

As a result of the investigation, a criminal case was initiated against the identified person on the grounds of a crime under paragraphs “c”, “d” of Part 2, Article 193 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, namely, evasion of obligations to repatriate funds on a large scale to the territory of the Russian Federation, using knowingly false documents and legal entities created for the commission of one or more crimes.

Customs investigators have initiated a criminal case against the identified person

The investigation into the case is ongoing.

Darya Metelkina,
spokesperson of Samara Customs