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The head of Saratov Customs met with the head of the Republic of Mordovia

Published: February 28, 2024 14:22

On February 28, in the House of the Republic (Saransk), a working meeting was held between the head of Saratov Customs Andrei Belyaev and the Head of Mordovia Artyom Zdunov, at which the new head of the Mordovian customs post Konstantin Porshin was presented to the head of the region.

A new head of the Mordovian customs post Konstantin Porshin

The new head of the regional customs post – a native of Saransk, in the customs authorities has served since 1998, passed all stages of professional growth from inspector to the head of customs clearance and customs control. By order of the Federal Customs Service from February 15, Konstantin Porshin was appointed head of the Mordovian customs post of the Saratov Customs

The meeting discussed issues of cooperation in the development of foreign economic activity of the region. The main directions now, as the Head of Mordovia noted, are the opening of the international checkpoint of the Saransk airport and the creation of a special economic zone of industrial-production type in the republic. “The special economic zone is a very important object for the region, there has never been such a thing in the republic before. Mordovia’s economic development will largely depend on it,” Artyom Zdunov said

The issues related to improving the efficiency of customs operations were also discussed. Trade partners of republican enterprises in 2023 were more than 60 countries of the world.

At the same time, Mordovia’s trade partners were more than 60 countries of the world

Anatoly Poluboyarov,
press-secretary of Saratov customs