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Urals pharmaceutical companies exported almost 200 thousand tons of drugs worth $6 million

Published: February 28, 2024 08:15

 In 2023, regional pharmaceutical companies exported nearly 200 tons of drugs with a total value of $6 million. Compared to 2022, the growth in value terms is three times and in physical terms two times.

An increase in value terms and two times in physical terms

The main buyer of Urals medicines in 2023 was Uzbekistan. 166 tons of pharmaceutical products worth more than $5 million were shipped to this country. Compared to 2022, the weight volume of exports increased threefold, and the value volume increased twofold.

At the same time, the Urals’ exports to Uzbekistan increased threefold

For the first time, shipments of pharmaceuticals  to Mongolia were noted – almost 1.5 tons worth 31 thousand US dollars. Pharmaceutical products of regional companies are also in demand in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

Azerbaijan and Georgia

The main exporter of medicines is one of the largest chemical plants in the region. The enterprise manufactures more than 60 types of drugs, more than a third of which are included in the list of vital drugs, and also synthesizes pharmaceutical substances

The Urals pharmaceutical market continues to be attractive for foreign consumers. Regional companies have established production of drugs that are not inferior to foreign ones either in quality or price. As the economic situation changed, logistics changed, some suppliers of pharmaceutical ingredients left, but the Urals pharmaceutical industry was able to cope with this task and organize high-tech production of its own substances. The course on import substitution continues,” emphasized Alexey Frolov, Head of the Urals Customs Directorate

Participants in foreign economic activity in the Urals region not only export, but also actively import medical goods and equipment. Last year, thanks to government support and preferences, 68 business representatives received VAT exemption for almost 4 billion rubles. Another 36 participants of foreign economic activity were granted benefits worth more than 65 million rubles

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