Urals Customs Administration

Urals customs officers invite businesses to the “Green Corridor”

Published: February 26, 2024 13:17

Eduard Turanov, head of Ekaterinburg Customs, and representatives of companies producing steel pipes and products for the energy, chemical and machine-building industries discussed the possibilities of cooperation within the framework of the Russian-Chinese project “Green Corridor.”

The project is called “Green Corridor”

The project got its name due to the reduction of the number of documents submitted when declaring goods, the time of customs operations when carrying out customs control of goods, as well as minimizing the forms of control. It reduces time costs and, as a result, the financial cost of delivering goods to foreign trade participants

Today, 81 Russian organizations are included in the Green Corridor, two of which are located in the region of Ekaterinburg Customs

The Green Corridor project is aimed at improving the business climate and supporting entrepreneurs. Russian and Chinese companies of low risk who have concluded a contract for the supply of goods between them can get into the “Green Corridor”. The lists of exporters and importers are agreed in advance by the customs services of the two countries in order to organize information interaction. To participate in the project, it is necessary to make an application in a special approved form with information about the foreign counterparty and send it to the Ural Customs Directorate or the relevant customs office in the region,” said Eduard Turanov, Head of Ekaterinburg Customs

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