The media attention!

INVITATION for representatives of the media

March 13, 2020 at 10: 00 a.m. in the customs control zone of the airport “Tolmachevo” will be training to simulate the actions of the customs inspectors in the identification of prohibited cross-border movement of objects and substances.

The event will showcase the skills of service dogs, the comments regarding customs rules movement of citizens across the border goods and articles for personal use, overview of key offences.

In the process of the event provided photo and video of the representatives of mass media of the process of passing the customs control by passengers in the arrival hall of the airport “Tolmachevo”.

The journalists ‘ questions will answer: the head of Department of administrative investigations of the customs post Airport Tolmachevo Alexander Dorozhkin; the inspectors of the customs office exercising control.

10.00 am – gathering of participants near the entrance to the terminal B of the airport “Tolmachevo”.

Accreditation by phone: 278-76-78, 8-923-735-02-31, contact person – Tatyana Supanova, a specialist in public relations of the Novosibirsk customs (

NOTE: Accreditation is required!

The participants of the event

it is necessary to have a passport!