The head of the Samara customs held a personal reception of citizens

The head of the Samara customs held a personal reception of citizens

18 Feb 2020 held a personal reception of citizens in the office of the President of the Russian Federation in the Samara region, where the head of the Samara customs Vladimir Ilyich Danchenkov told participants in foreign economic activities about the practice of customs authorities on the procedure of submission and issuance of permits, confirming compliance with the prohibitions and restrictions in customs bodies, and also answered other participants ‘ questions.

Relevant to citizens are still issues related to the rule of export of goods from the customs territory of the Eurasian economic Union, in particular, removal of the items constructively similar to cold weapons (for example, a bayonet-knife). The customs officer explained in detail the procedure for export of these items and drew the attention of the citizens in the event of mandatory permit documents.

The greatest interest of participants of foreign economic activity has also caused the issue of the procedure of issuing electronic passports on vehicles imported into the territory of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Ilyich spoke about the mechanism of electronic interaction in communicating information about the release of vehicles and on payment of recycling fee between the FCS and the operator of the JSC “Electronic passport” and said: “if traders plan to e-title, the applicant must contact an organization authorized to electronic processing of the TCP. Uniform register of such organizations is available on the official website of the Ministry of industry and trade“.

In addition, the head of customs was interested in current production issues, there are issues associated with the Commission of customs operations in respect of goods and plans for the future.

All participants received the answers to the questions and thanked the head of the Samara customs, for the detailed explanation.

Alla Tarceva

The press-Secretary of the Samara customs