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Mimosa shipments from Abkhazia: peak days of the season

Published: March 5, 2024 11:24 AM

More than 230 tons of flower products have been imported into Russia.

On the eve of the women’s holiday – March 8, the main supplies of mimosa (Acacia silvery) began at the customs post of the Krasnodar customs service Adler. More than 230 tons of flowers passed customs control, which is significantly more than in 2023 (200 tons). More than 15 tons of mimosa are being imported per day.

In previous years, up to 150 tons of flowers were delivered from Abkhazia on average. Record volumes of deliveries of the last two years are achieved due to early and warm spring. Flower season this year began in the first days of February

Modern technology makes it possible to speed up the necessary customs operations as much as possible. With the help of a mobile inspection and examination complex, it is possible to identify goods and exclude foreign attachments in a few minutes without unloading them from vehicles

This year the volume of supplies of “golden bouquets” from Abkhazia may reach more than 250 tons under favorable weather conditions

Marina Zhupanova,

spokeswoman for the Sochi service of Krasnodar Customs

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