Smolensk customs officers have detained three trucks with “sanctions” fruit

Smolensk customs officers have detained three trucks with “sanctions” fruit

Two of them were imported apples, weighing about 40 tons, in third – 20 tons of pears.

Smolensk customs officers and employees of the border guard detained trucks at the border with Belarus in the area of the settlement of Dubovica Chumachenko district of Smolensk region. During the inspection revealed that on two trucks secured a forged state registration plates, for which the police filed two cases on administrative violations under part 4 of article 12.2 of the code of administrative offences (driving a vehicle with obviously false state registration signs).

Shipping documents and documents confirming the phytosanitary security of fruits as well as passing the border phytosanitary control was absent.

One batch of apples were imported under the guise of paints, EN route, according to the submitted documents, transit from Belarus to Kyrgyzstan, the second – under the form of threads made of PVC to Kazakhstan.

Cars with cargo, under the escort of officers of customs collection has been placed in the Parking lot and then transferred to the staff of the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for the Bryansk and Smolensk regions for further verification. The final decision in respect of the goods and carriers will be made after completion of the whole complex of verification activities.

Vladimir Safonov,
press Secretary of the Smolensk customs