Smolensk customs has issued more than three thousand tons of commodities and food

In terms of pandemic Smolensk customs as a matter of priority is the clearance of commodities and food, the list of which is determined by the government.

Just for may 2020 Smolensk customs officers have issued 470 declarations of these products. Their weight was more than 3.2 thousand tons, and cost about 49 million dollars. USA.

– Electronic Declaration, the goods are cleared on a priority basis and the most qualified inspectors. They organized a “green corridor”, – said the head of customs Vladislav Easy.

Among them protective clothes, medical masks, costumes, masks, protective glasses and gloves, medicines, diagnostic reagents and laboratory equipment for medical use, syringes, needles, catheters, cannulae and the like, diapers for children, soap, toothpaste and others.

From food items – pasta, flour, rice, biscuits, canned food, baby formula, sugar, sunflower oil, tea, drinking water and others.

To address issues associated with the Commission of customs operations with these goods in the Smolensk customs works call center, phone: +7(910) 726-89-52. During his work calls relating to the execution of such an important product category, almost didn’t arrive. This suggests that the design of these products is hassle and in the shortest possible time.

It should be noted that in a pandemic there are some features in the work. Before starting, all the officials are control of body temperature. They are provided with the necessary personal protective equipment and disinfection. A number of other measures aimed at the prevention of the spread of a new coronavirus infection. All this is governed by established customs operational staff.

Vladimir Safonov,

press Secretary of the Smolensk customs