Saint-Petersburg customs: fresh berries moved in boxes, closed counterfeit cardboard covers

Counterfeit cardboard covers for the boxes, which were moved fruit products from Serbia, have not passed customs control.

On the southern customs post of St. Petersburg customs arrived consignment “fresh cherries harvest 2020”. Country of origin – Serbia. Total weight – 18 tons.

During the customs control, officials of the southern customs post revealed that berry production is moved to the drawers, closed cardboard covers, which was caused recognizable for all residents of St. Petersburg marking, similar to degree of mixture with registered in the Russian Federation the trademark ““.

Officials of the St. Petersburg customs drew attention to the fact that the use of well-known trademark “” sender “ZENIT FRUIT DOO BEOGRAD”, whose name is partly in tune with the registered trademark.

The trademark “” registered in the Register of objects of intellectual property Federal service for intellectual property, patents and trademarks, its owner is a Joint-stock company “Football club “Zenit”.

As has told the chief of Department of trade restrictions and export control of St. Petersburg customs Anna Kupyansk to the use of another’s trademark is often resorted to in order to further attract the attention of buyers. According to her, the unusual can be called using this notation than “sporting goods”, and the objects moving together with a consignment of berries cherries.

The use of another’s trademark without the consent of the copyright holder is a violation. Pursuant to article 1229 of the Civil code, the rightholder may at his discretion permit or prohibit other persons usage of result of intellectual activity or means of individualization. The absence of prohibition is not considered consent (permission) – explained Anna Kupyansk.

In order to prevent the importation of goods that infringe intellectual property rights of Saint-Petersburg customs sent a letter to the copyright holder with the request to determine the legality of the use of the trademark ““.

In response to the query of St. Petersburg customs, the right holder has confirmed that samples of cushioning material: cardboard, corrugated cardboard, intended for preservation of marketable products are counterfeit goods. JSC “FC “Zenit” also reported that the use of counterfeit packing material for moving and sale of fruit products is an infringement of the exclusive rights of the owner and shall entail loss of reputation, as it creates a false Association with the football club among consumers.

Criminal case concerning an administrative offence under article 14.10 of the administrative code of Russia “Illegal use of trademark”.

Counterfeit goods seized. Subsequently, on the basis of a court decision such goods will be destroyed.

The press service of the St. Petersburg customs