Pulkovo customs has summed up the results of the first half

Pulkovo customs has summed up activity results for the first half of 2020. Speaking of the reporting period, the chief of customs the General-the major of customs service Andrei Rivchak stressed that pandemic coronavirus infection to comply with the established custom indicators on many fronts was not easy. All international flights were canceled, and the personnel working at the customs post of the Airport, was literally on the front line, because the export flights from different countries continue to arrive still.

Despite the difficult situation, the customs implemented the plan transfers to the Federal budget. In the first half of customs filled up the state Treasury $ 4 billion 76 million 550 thousand rubles.

In the reporting period there was a downward trend Declaration of the array. However, this is an objective explanation associated with the transformation of Pulkovo customs at the customs office of actual control. In early July, the Declaration of goods in the region of customs activities, nearly 9 000 customs declarations (DT) implemented by other customs authorities. The largest number of DT Pulkovo customs, decorated in the St. Petersburg center for electronic Declaration.

Line of law enforcement in the first half of 2020 Pulkovo customs was 850 cases of administrative offences. Offense subjects were: currency, equipment, exported by physical persons for personal use, tobacco, jewelry, alcoholic beverages and cultural values.

In the reporting period, the Pulkovo customs opened 30 criminal cases.

In the course of summing up the Deputy head of the customs activities voiced in their reports the problems encountered in the implementation of established targets and outlined ways of solving them. First of all, it is the uninterrupted carrying out of customs operations, improving the quality and efficiency of customs control, including through the use of the risk management system, violations of the rules of movement of goods across the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union. As well as creating high performance teams to work in conditions of transformation of Pulkovo customs at the customs office of actual control.

Olga Dyatko,
The press-Secretary of Pulkovo customs