North-West Customs Administration

Murmansk customs officers improved their professional skills on the protection of intellectual property objects and identification of signs of counterfeiting of different categories of goods.

Representatives of right holders of more than 50 trademarks included in the customs register of intellectual property objects of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, conducted training and presented up-to-date information in the field of intellectual property rights protection.

The experts told the participants about the issues of intellectual property protection

The experts told the customs officers about the registered trademarks of the companies-owners and the goods produced by them, about the distinguishing features of original products from counterfeit goods, about authorized importers and places of official sale of original goods, about international experience in detecting counterfeits, and demonstrated samples of original and counterfeit products.

The presentations focused on alcohol and tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, perfumes, accessories (glasses, watches, belts, bags), jewelry and costume jewelry of world and well-known brands, which become objects of counterfeiting, – said Marina Popova, head of the department of prohibitions, restrictions and commodity nomenclature of Murmansk customs.

Murmansk customs officials said

Customs officials were introduced to the peculiarities of packaging, inscriptions and brand marks, license plates and batch codes, as well as some nuances for different categories of goods

The information on the distinguishing features of the original from counterfeit goods is passed on by the right holders to the customs authorities for use in conducting expert examinations.

The practical part of the training is a practical training session

In the practical part of the training Murmansk customs officers, applying the acquired knowledge, practiced in determining the authenticity of the submitted samples.

The Murmansk customs officers applied their knowledge and practiced in determining the authenticity of the samples

Alla Sveshnikova,
press-secretary of Murmansk customs

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