Murmansk customs: the importation of goods subject to prohibitions and restrictions

Murmansk customs: the importation of goods subject to prohibitions and restrictions

During the customs control of the Russian sea vessel in the port of Murmansk revealed the fact of not declaring members of the crew of tobacco products at import on territory of the EAEU.

37 bundles (740 pieces) of cigarettes brands “Marlboro”, “Rothmans” “LM RED” was not brought to the customs control. The owners of tobacco products in the passenger customs Declaration is not filled. Electronic Declaration of personal belongings, submitted to the customs authority by the carrier (marine vessel) through the KPS “Portal port” information on the Declaration of tobacco products crew members were also absent.

On Board another sea vessel discovered, 1320 kg of fish (whole round frozen blue whiting), which were not presented to customs upon importation into the territory of the EEU. The audit revealed that the fish belongs to the members of the crew and is imported for personal use without permits.

In another case, MAPP Borisoglebsk Russia has exceeded the duty-free rate for goods imported for personal use. In their Luggage male imported 31 kg of consumer goods (coffee, tea, biscuits). When passing customs control proceeded through the green corridor, the customs Declaration is not filed, on the goods subject to mandatory written Declaration, is not stated.

In all three cases, the Murmansk customs initiated proceedings on administrative offences for failure to declare the violation of the prohibitions and restrictions, the owners of goods to pay a fine.

For reference: according to the current customs legislation of the EEU to individuals for personal use without paying customs duties allowed to bring into the territory of the EAEU consumer goods weighing up to 25 kg and a total cost of no more than 500 Euro (for air travel 50 kg and 10000 euros) 200 pieces of cigarettes, and also without permits 5 kg of products of animal origin (including fish products) in ready to use form and packaging.

Alla Sveshnikov,
press Secretary of Murmansk customs