Murmansk customs has summarized 2019

Entering the new century of its history, the Murmansk customs has summarized the results of activities in the final year of the previous century.

In 2019, the revenues of the state budget of the Murmansk customs lists more than 3.4 billion rubles. Foreign trade turnover in the region of Murmansk customs last year in value terms amounted to more than 4.2 billion U.S. dollars, while exports amounted to 4 billion U.S. dollars, imports – 201,64 million US dollars.

During January-December last year, the Murmansk customs processed 3.8 million tons of export-import, feature at 4590 customs declarations. From the array of customs declarations is 51.9% were auto-registration and 41.5% of autobypass.

In the course of customs control of shipments used measures of risk mitigation, the economic effect amounted to more than 1.5 million rubles dowsizing customs duties. The results of the adjustments of the customs value lousisana customs payments for the sum more than 6,1 million rubles. In addition, the result of decisions made by classification of export and import goods lousisana more than 8.3 million rubles of customs duties.

In 2019, the specialists of the Department of control after release of goods of Murmansk customs customs conducted 70 inspections of financial and economic activities of participants of foreign economic activity, which initiated 15 cases of administrative cases and one criminal case, lousisana more than 85 million rubles. According to the results of realization of complex of measures on protection of rights to intellectual property objects of the Murmansk customs office revealed and withdrawn from the trade 537 units of counterfeit products.

Murmansk customs in 2019, initiated 9 criminal cases and 1552 cases on administrative offences, of which 114 cases according to the results of checks of observance by residents and non-residents to the currency legislation. In General from the array of cases about administrative offenses, about 75% are offences committed by individuals. The nature of the offences mainly related to disturbances to the established prohibitions and restrictions the import of goods for personal use.

Since July of last year it became mandatory preliminary notification about goods transported across the customs border of the EAEC water transport. This process is implemented using the software Portal seaport. In the region of Murmansk customs this resource is used by 67 organizations and 99% of the marine Affairs feature in this software tool.

In 2019, the Murmansk customs-cleared through customs 4943 ships, of which 60% of fishing vessels 35% – dry cargo and 5% of the research cruise and passenger vessels through the customs border of the EEU on travel last year proceeded 580454 people, 216257 of motor vehicles, 268 aircraft.

Alla Sveshnikov,
press Secretary of Murmansk customs